Murdoch Manor - Available until 6th March

From NZD $34.00
  • Duration: 75 Minutes
  • Location: Hamilton, Waikato
  • Product code: PM737J

PLEASE NOTE: No children under 5 years old are permitted access to our rooms for Health & Safety reasons.


DIFFICULTY LEVELS: Standard 4/5, Advanced 5/5

You’ve been driving on a remote road on a stormy night, when your car loses control… you get out and see your tyres are flat, you walk to the nearest and only house around…Murdoch Manor. You are greeted by a butler who tells you to wait in the sitting room. After a while, you get suspicious and try to leave but the door is locked. Why is it locked and what is really going on here?

*This room is not dark and is suitable for all ages at parental discretion. Please note there is fake blood/’gory’ props etc in this room. There is also a low door in this room, however you are also able to open a bigger door as an alternative entrance as part of the game.